Woe, Is Me

September 27, 2011- Rise Records

PC Rating:  ★★★

Review by: Josue Zuniga

So after much discord and hectic times, Woe, Is Me has released a new single dubbed "Vengeance". With heavier riffs and intense lyrics, WIS does not at all disappoint. Sporting new vocalist Hance Alligood - who more than fills ex-vocalist Tyler Carter's shoes - they strike out with vicious and angry lyrics which are quite obviously directed at Tyler. Lyrics like "I told you you'll reap what you sow, but you wanted fame. So fuck your ego." make it clear that they did not settle in good terms. The new and harder sound leaves us desiring more and places high anticipation for the new album. Hopefully they saved the best for last.

Listen to "Vengeance" below